Bergstrom China’s team of engineers offers customers a strong, local multi-lingual technical capability to help customers create the next generation of world-class products. Throughout the product development cycle, these engineers combine their talents and experience with their counterparts in North America and Europe to optimize system performance and reliability, while reducing program time and cost. This global synergy is aided by a host of technology tools that links teams in three continents, including:

• Computational Fluid Dynamics

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 

• Program Management Tools
  -NPI phase review

• 3-D Solids modeling platforms

Bergstrom China continues to make considerable investments in state of the art equipment to ensure our products meet the strict requirements of our customers and their applications. 

Our Vehicle Environment Chamber (VEC) is the first of its kind in China among off-highway HVAC manufactures. It is a drive-in test chamber which could accommodate off-highway vehicles, heavy duty trucks and coach buses. It simulates climate conditions such as rain, snow, sun, heat and cold when the vehicle is running, and measures the heating, cooling, demist and defrost performance of HVAC system. Besides, it could also run cold start test for engines.

Bergstrom US VEC Bergstrom UK VEC Bergstrom China VEC

Our VEC has the capability of creating an environment of -40 to +60, with humidity as high as 95%. Air flow speed is 96 km/h. This covers all the application conditions the vehicles will actually have during operation.

With the VEC, we could shorten the critical product-to-market phase of HVAC system, as we don’t have to always rely on the time consuming and expensive field test for product validation.

CNAS and ISO 17025 certified, our lab is capable of performing a wide range of tests – vehicle environment test, calorimeter test, shake test, noise and vibration test, salt spray test, cleanliness test, thermal and pressure cycle test, high & low temperature and humidity test, burst test, motor performance, field test, etc.

Noise Test Shake Test Calorimeter
Motor Performance Test Magnetic Field Test Wiper Motor Life Test
EMC Test Salt Spray TestBlower Airflow Test