With more than 70 years of experience, Bergstrom has developed a strong understanding of the unique climate control challenges in many different industries. 
Heavy Duty Trucking
E-SeriesAs a recognized quality HVAC system and components supplier for heavy duty trucks, you can count on Bergstrom for high quality HVAC systems at an affordable price. [More]
E-SeriesOff-highway machines are expected to work around the clock in the harshest conditions. Our solutions provide operator performance, comfort and safety.  [More]
E-SeriesWe have a long history supplying high quality HVAC systems, units and parts to leading agricultural equipment manufacturers around the globe.  [More]
Bus & Specialty
E-SeriesWe have been providing HVAC systems to specialty vehicles for more than 40 years. We are the largest supplier of school bus heaters in the U.S.  [More]
Commercial Refrigeration
E-SeriesWe supply parts for ice-machine, chiller and dehumidifier etc. in the commercial refrigeration industry. Bergstrom help provide safe and fresh food to all customers. [More]
E-SeriesFrom tilt and trim motors to trolling motors, Bergstrom understands the demanding environment of the marine industry.
Health & Fitness
E-SeriesHealth and fitness have become a priority for people all over the world. Bergstrom is dedicated to providing high quality products to help people get regular exercise and keep a healthy life.