Wiper Motor

Bergstrom wiper motor is designed with reliable sealing performance at class IP67. It is rust free and has full protection against water ingression or short circuit even after long time use.

The motor has long operating life and has passed 5 million duty cycle life test. It has been validated under various extreme working conditions such as high and low temperature, salt spray, vibration etc. 

Bergstrom wiper motor has the following features:

•  Long life: 5 million duty cycles
Low noise: ≤60dB(A) at high speed; ≤50dB(A) at low speed, per JIS D5703 
Stall torque: 18N.m~36N.m
Work voltage:9VDC~16VDC @ nominal voltage 12VDC

18VDC~32VDC @ nominal voltage 24VDC

IP class: IP67  IEC 60529
Work temperature: -40 ~ +85
Vibration: 5g acceleration
Salt spray: ASTM B117, 500 hr, no red dust or loss of motor performance
Protection: Over current protection. 24 hr stall protection, no impairment of motor