Brushless Blower & Fan

The brushless DC motor is composed of the DC motor and the controller. It replaces the commutator and brush with electronic circuit panel and semiconductors. The Brushless DC motor has a lot of advantage such as higher efficiency, energy saving, flexible speed control, no electromagnetic interference, no excitation loss, long life and low noise.

Bergstrom brushless blower & fan features the following:

•  Structure: Integrate motor and controller in one package
Energy saving:Motor efficiency up to 85%
Environmentally friendly: No brush, no brush dust. RoHS compliant.
Long life: 40,000 hr


Speed: 5,000 RPM, wide speed range, infinitely variable blower speed
IP Class:IP68/IP69K
Operation Temperature: -40 ~ +95
Smart control: Intelligent speed control (LIN, analog, PWM)
Intelligent diagnosis; Remote communication with vehicle

Over-voltage protection; Under-voltage protection;
Over-current protection; Over-load protection; 
Over-heat protection;

EMC: CISPR 25 Class 4
Quiet: Stable speed, low vibration, low noise
Vibration Resistance: 5g
Salt Spray: ASTM B117, 96 hr